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The Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron

History – Prosopography – Spiritual Life (based on the written and archaeological evidence)
Konstantinos M. Vapheiades
Scientific Publications Series No. 1, Holy Meteora 2019

This book is the fruit of extensive research in the library, archives and treasury of the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron. It brings to light a great deal of new information about the monastic regime at the monastery and the Meteoron’s long history, which had never been written before. The book also highlights the long history of the Meteora (the ‘Meteoran Thebaid’) and the spiritual legacy left by the saintly founders of the Great Meteoron, Athanasios and Joasaph, and the great ecclesiastical figures of Western Thessaly. Finally, it also provides a picture of the lives of Greek Orthodox Christians from the Byzantine era until fairly recent times.

The Hierodiakonikon of the Great Meteoron

Codex 412, ca. 1602-1612 (with additions from the liturgical codices 83, 136, 256 and 287).
Konstantinos M. Vapheiades (introduction, transcription and commentary)
Liturgical Texts Series No. 1, Holy Meteora 2019

The publication of the Great Meteoron’s liturgical texts is intended to foster a revival of liturgical life and springs from a desire to learn and apply liturgical diataxeis which express and bring to life the holy tradition of the ‘Thebaid of Stagoi’. As this Diakonikon reveals the peculiarities of the Meteoran liturgical tradition, it is an invaluable source of information for clergymen wishing to learn about the diataxeis and liturgical practices of the local Church’s illustrious past.

Typikon of the Monastery of the Great Meteoron

(Codex 83, 1580)
Konstantinos M. Vapheiades (introduction, transcription and textual restoration)
Holy Meteora, 2018

This published version of the Typikon preserves and bears witness to a liturgical rite that has either been forgotten or faded with time. This rite, which is evidently based on the sacred legacy of Saints Athanasios and Joasaph, constituted – and still constitutes – a vital and integral part of the history of the Great Meteoron, as well as the core of its inner life. More specifically, this Typikon contains ‘the entire rite of the divine offices’, as well as the provisions governing the daily and annual liturgical cycle of the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron.

A Guide to the Holy Meteora

Dimitrios Z. Sophianos
(2nd, improved, edition, 2012)

This guidebook by the late Dimitrios Sophianos is still the most comprehensive guide for pilgrims visiting the monasteries of the Meteora. It includes an historical outline of the holy monasteries and their spiritual life, as well as a description of the monasteries’ most important buildings and treasures.

The Skete of Stagoi and the Monastery of Panagia Doupiane at Kastraki

Dimitrios Z. Sophianos
Holy Meteora, 2008

In this book D. Sophianos records and provides a critical study of all the available information on the Skete of Stagoi and the humble Church of Panagia Doupiane, which for about two hundred years served as the kyriakon of the Skete, i.e. the place where the hermits living in the surrounding area gathered together in order to worship.

Manuscript Codices

Manuscripts – Documents – Early Editions
Holy Meteora, 2007

Theological Gallery

Painting: Kostas Adamos
Holy Meteora, 2007

Byzantine Painting

Icons and Frescoes
Holy Meteora, 2007


Ecclesiastical and Monastery
Holy Meteora, 2007


Roman and Greek Tradition, Christianity and Orthodoxy
Dimitrios Z. Sophianos
Athens, 2006